Best Digital Piano Under $2000

Are you on the hunt for the best digital piano under $2000 that won’t break the bank? Look no further because we have got you covered.

Whether you’re an experienced musician or a beginner, a good digital piano can make all the difference in your performance quality, music production, and overall experience.

But with a market saturated with countless options, finding a high-quality piano under $2000 can be an overwhelming challenge.

Best Digital Piano Under 2000

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best digital piano under $2000 that offer unmatched sound quality, smooth touch, a plethora of features, and most importantly, exceptional value for money.

If you’re on the hunt for an instrument that can take your music to the next level without breaking the bank, stick around, and read on.

Best Digital Piano Under $2000

We’ve meticulously researched and tested dozens of digital pianos to deliver this comprehensive guide that caters to different preferences, styles, and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a portable digital piano for gigs, a home piano for practice, or one with advanced features for music production, we’ve got you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 3 best digital piano under $2000 that deserve a spot in your studio or home.

Kawai ES920 88-key Digital Piano

The Kawai ES920 88-key Digital Stage Piano has a responsive hammer III action. It features an onboard stereo speaker system. It also has a MIDI IN connector that allows you to connect it to your computer. It has a 256-note polyphony feature that allows you to play multiple notes at once. It has a Bluetooth audio/MIDI feature that allows you to play music from your smartphone.

best digital piano under $2000

It has a dual split modes feature that allows you to split the piano speakers into two speakers. It also has a line out/headphone jack and a USB port for saving your performance data. The Kawai ES920 also comes with a library of 500 built-in high-quality sounds including grand and upright pianos.

The Kawai ES920 offers a lot of features for a $1,000 digital piano, including USB connectivity and a USB port for audio input. And its action feels excellent and sounds fantastic. Its 256-note polyphony and dual split modes are especially impressive, and we love that Kawai includes a 1/4-inch headphone jack and dual headphone jacks, as well as stereo speakers.

The ES920’s built-in EQ modes are also useful, also know about best external speakers for digital piano. The Kawai ES920 is our favorite digital piano for experienced players, but we would like to see a USB cable and stand included at this price; the ES920’s price is also nearly $100 more than its main rival, the Yamaha P115.

  • Lightweight

  • Small footprint

  • 88-key keyboard with weighted keys

  • Can be used for practicing

  • Advanced sound engine delivers a rich piano sound

  • No USB output

  • Limited polyphony

  • Expensive


Yamaha P515 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P515 is an 88-key weighted action digital piano. It is equipped with Yamaha’s proprietary Natural Wood Keyboard. It lets you experience the touch of a concert grand piano. It features Yamaha’s proprietary Virtual Resonance Modeling. This unique technology imitates the sound of a grand piano. It lets you experience every nuance of a concert grand piano.

casio piano under 2,000

It has 256 polyphony, which is more than enough for a concert pianist. It also has a 32-note polyphony, which is enough for a beginner. It also features a 4-speaker system. It has a 3-octave range. The P515 is aimed at the intermediate/advanced pianist and student seeking an affordable but high-quality digital piano that provides a realistic piano-playing experience.

The keyboard action is weighted for an authentic playing feel and features fully adjustable touch sensitivity. The sampled piano sounds are rich and detailed, ranging from rich classical sounds to bright, clear acoustic sounds. The stage/recording sounds all have dynamic, exciting piano sounds that sound great when used in performance or recording.

The piano produces rich sounds, great when performed in a piano bar or at home. The piano utilizes Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), so even if you hit a key too hard, the sound will sound powerful, not harsh. The stage/recording sounds all have dynamic, exciting piano sounds that sound great when used in performance or recording. The P515 is compact and lightweight at 24 pounds and folds up into a carrying bag for storage.

  • Relatively cheap

  • Solid build

  • Ease of use

  • Compact and portable

  • Very little adjustability


Korg G1 Air 88-Key Digital Piano

The Korg G1 Air 88-Key Digital Piano is a digital piano that is capable of providing you with an amazing sound. Its sound is highly detailed and is capable of providing you with every shade of musical expression. The keyboard of this digital piano responds perfectly from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.

best digital stage piano under $2000

It has a slim-line cabinet that is the result of KORG s unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology. It features an 88-key graded hammer action keybed, and a 5-voice, 3-part stereo sampled piano sound engine. It also features a 3-track recorder with an onboard metronome and dual headphone jacks.

The G1 delivers a highly playable, realistic piano experience at a reasonable price. Its sound is expressive, and it feels responsive, whether you’re playing fast runs or slow ballads. The G1’s slim, sleek design and 88 keys make it an attractive choice for homes with limited space, and it’s compatible with several music apps and streaming services.

The G1’s onboard speakers are adequate for a small room, but external speakers are highly recommended. If you’re in the market for the best digital piano under 2000$, the G1 is an excellent choice. This is surely the best digital piano under 2000$.

  • High-quality piano action

  • Compact size; ideal for small studios

  • 88-key keyboard and 8-octave keyboard

  • Intuitive, responsive controls and 3 levels of Damper Resonance

  • Built-in speaker system

  • No midi jacks

  • No polyphonic aftertouch

  • Limited effects and sound customization options


FAQs Answered about Best Digital Piano Under 2000$

We have answered four of the most frequently asked questions about the best digital piano under 2000.

What is the best digital piano under 2000?

The best digital piano under 2000 is the Yamaha P125. This digital piano is packed with features, like 88-key graded hammer action, 128-note polyphony, and a built-in USB recording function. It also features 20 preset tones and a wide range of connectivity options.

What are the advantages of a digital piano?

This digital piano is highly versatile and has a wide range of sounds and tones. It is also easy to use, has a strong build, and offers great value for money.

What are the disadvantages of digital pianos?

The main disadvantage of the best digital piano under $2000 is its limited polyphony. Additionally, its sound quality could be improved and it does not have a built-in metronome.

What should you consider when buying a digital piano?

When buying the best digital piano under 2000, you should consider its features, sound quality, polyphony, and price. You should also consider whether it is suitable for the music you want to play.


We hope that this blog has answered your questions about the best digital piano under 2000. The top 3 best digital piano under 2000$ given in this guide are top-quality products that you can go for. If you have any questions related to these products, feel free to reach out to our PianosHub team. We will be happy to help. Thank you. Stay tuned for more useful guides.