Best Digital Piano for Beginners 2023

If you’re looking to buy the best digital piano for beginners, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of different models on the market. Digital pianos offer many benefits over traditional acoustic pianos.

From the portability to the selection, digital pianos offer a lot of bang for the buck. However, with so many different digital pianos on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three of the best digital piano for beginners.

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest option, it’s important to do your homework first. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top three choices for the best digital piano for beginners. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Digital Piano is an instrument that allows the player to play melodies using piano keys. There are many types of digital pianos out there. So, if you are a beginner and want to make sure you have the best instrument for you, then take a look at the best digital piano for beginners below.

Roland FP-30X Digital Piano

Roland’s FP-30X digital piano is the best digital piano for beginners. This digital piano features a great piano sound with a realistic acoustic piano sound and feel. The PHA-4 Standard keyboard with 88 keys is ideal for aspiring players and acoustic piano lovers. It also has a stereo speaker system that provides room-filling sound.

best digital piano for beginners with weighted keys

The FP-30X also has a compact footprint and is easy to set up. It also comes with an adjustable piano stand, bench, sustain pedal, instructional DVD, and a polishing cloth. It has a SuperNATURAL piano sound with a real keyboard, plus Roland’s StageLight effects for visual accompaniment.

This piano offers good sound quality, an attractive design, and decent onboard effects for its affordable price. It delivers great bang for the buck, and we recommend it for its affordability and versatility. It’s especially great for younger students, and it’s a good choice for beginner to intermediate players.

It is an affordable option for anyone who wants to try playing.  The bundle includes an adjustable stand, bench, sustain pedal, an instructional DVD, and polishing cloth. Roland’s entry-level FP-30X is a good value, but you’ll need to invest in an inexpensive stand and pedals to reach its full potential.

  • Adjustable stand

  • Keyboard feel

  • Great strings

  • Easy to use

  • Great sustain pedal

  • Affordable

  • No headphone jack


Alesis Prestige Artist – 88 Key Digital Piano

The Alesis Prestige Artist 88 key digital piano is packed with premium sounds. It has an 88-key piano keyboard with graded hammer action and an adjustable touch response. This keyboard has 30 multi-sampled voices including grand piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizers, and more.

best digital piano for beginners 88 keys

It has split and layer modes, and a built-in arpeggiator. It also has 5 adjustable reverb FX. This digital piano has a 50W micro-array speaker system and sounds loud, clear, and realistic in any setting. This piano also has built-in lesson and recording modes. This is the best digital piano for beginners and is affordable too.

Buying a digital piano is a significant investment, so it’s critical that you get the right one for your needs. While other small keyboard pianos may lack the features or quality you get with this Alesis Prestige Artist, once paired with your amp and headphones, it s a great companion for performing and creating music.

The Alesis Prestige Artist is a good-sounding, well-built digital piano that s ideal for intermediate players. It features plenty of onboard sounds and programs, along with a responsive keyboard action, and comes in at under $300. It lacks the velocity-sensitive keyboard action found on the lowest-end models, but it s still a better choice than the earlier Alesis Recital.

  • Great sound quality

  • Great value

  • High-quality features

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Hard to control


Korg B2 Digital Piano Bundle

The Korg B2 Digital Piano is an electric keyboard with a board that can reproduce the touch and sound of an acoustic piano. It comes with a selection of software that you can use to practice or create your own music. The keyboard comes with a sustain pedal and a music rest for sheet music and mobile devices. It also includes a music stand to keep your sheet music in place.

best acoustic piano for beginners

The keyboard also has USB ports that allow you to connect headphones or speakers. The keyboard also has space for an iPad. It features a realistic sound engine and a variety of preset sounds. It also comes with a variety of connectivity options that allow you to connect it to your other devices. The keyboard has a variety of preset sounds, and it also has 61 keys.

You can easily adjust the keyboard’s pitch and volume. This is a solid digital piano for beginner to intermediate players, the Korg B2 provides plenty of features for a digital piano in the space. It offers 88 triangular-weighted keys that feel and play like a real piano, and it provides a wide range of connectivity including Bluetooth, USB, and iPad connectivity.

You’ll find that the E2’s keys are a bit heavier than some other digital pianos, and that makes them feel a bit like an acoustic piano. The built-in speakers are quite powerful, and this piano provides a decent sound. It’s also easy to set up, and the digital keys are very easy to use. The Korg B2 has everything you need in an entry-level digital piano with a respectable sound and a reasonable price.

  • Excellent build quality

  • Great tone

  • Extremely long battery life

  • Inferior sound compared to other pianos


Features You Should Look for When Buying the Best Digital Piano for Beginners

When purchasing a digital piano, it is important to consider the features, such as the key action, sound quality, polyphony, and connectivity. The key action is an important feature as it affects how the keys feel when playing.

The sound quality should be considered as it will determine the realism of the sound produced. Polyphony is the number of notes that can be played at the same time and is important for complex pieces of music. Connectivity is important for those who wish to connect their digital piano to their computer to record and edit their work.

To ensure you get the best playing experience, look for a model with 88 weighted keys, which simulate the feel of an acoustic piano. Additionally, the digital piano should have a range of digital voices and rhythms, so you can explore various musical genres.

You should also choose a model with a good selection of practice and recording features. Look for a digital piano with a metronome to help keep you playing on time and on the beat. Additionally, models with dual headphone outputs and built-in speakers are great for practice and performance.

Finally, look for a digital piano with MIDI connectivity so you can record and edit your music with a computer or other MIDI-ready device. With these features in mind, you can find the best digital piano for beginners.

In addition to these features, it is also important to consider the size and weight of the digital piano, as well as the ease of use. It is important to find a digital piano that is lightweight and easy to transport, as well as one that is user-friendly. With the best digital piano beginner pianists will have the perfect platform to learn and develop their skills as a pianist.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it can be said that finding the best digital piano for beginners is no small feat. With so many different manufacturers, features, and models to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. However, it is important to take the time to research the different options and find the one that will best suit your needs and help you to develop your skills as a pianist.

By understanding the features, styles, and specifications of different digital pianos, you will be able to make an informed decision and purchase a digital piano that will last you for years to come. Hope this guide helped you find the best digital piano for beginners. Visit for any queries or suggestions.